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Things To Consider When Planning Your Backyard Fire Pit Project


On starry summer nights, there isn’t much better than getting together with family and good friends for a bonfire. Close your eyes and picture it. We bet you can already smell those hot dogs and marshmallows!

Before running out to a department store and getting a run-of-the-mill fire pit, think about all the freedom a custom fire pit has to offer. If you haven’t heard, Top Shelf Renos is your local expert for personalized backyard fun! Below are four things to contemplate when designing your pit.




fire pitYou have big dreams – but do you have enough yard space to accommodate them? Visualize not only where the fire pit will go, but the range of the surrounding area. You may need to trim some trees if there’s a chance that low-hanging branches will dip anywhere near a flame. Is the land you want to install the fire pit on level all around? Unsteady, uneven ground and fires do not mix.

You might also be considering adding a fire pit to a preexisting patio or deck. In these cases, you should absolutely consult with a professional before setting any decisions in stone. Wooden decks don’t get along with flames!




Have a plan for where your coals, logs, and accessories will be stored. When not in use, your fire materials should live in a warm, dry place. On this subject, gasoline should never be used to start a fire. Your wood storage room or shed should be given just as much thought as the fire pit and patio areas.




What ambiance do you want your fire pit area to have? Should it be an intimate and romantic fire pit for two with quaint benches for cuddling, or a rustic and nostalgic campfire area with colourful volcanic stones? Top Shelf Renos can provide plenty of suggestions for a custom fire pit that will check all the boxes and complement the rest of your property without being distracting.




fire pitThough placed low on this list, safety should be your first priority! You will need to all be seated a safe distance away from not only the flames, but the smoke. Winds can pick up and blow smoke into your eyes. If you plan on enjoying your fire pit with small children, do not under any circumstances leave the fire unattended.

With thorough planning, fair estimates, and quality craftsmanship, Top Shelf Renos can help you create a safe, sound, soothing place to enjoy a warm crackling fire and the company of loved ones.

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