Kitchen renovation

A First-Timer’s Quick Guide to Kitchen Renovations

Most of us are bound to spend a lot of time in our household kitchens during our lives. If it’s your first time remodelling a kitchen, you surely have a long list of ambitions and questions. Where do you start, and how long should it take? Here are 4 quick tips on how to renovate your kitchen.

Start With The Blueprint


KitchenLike with most home DIY projects, once you get the ball rolling, the scale of the project can become overwhelming. There are endless customization options, ranging from cupboards and cabinets to ceilings, walls and flooring. Make a list of the changes you aim to make, or sketch your dream kitchen. Either way, make a plan and maintain a paper trail so you don’t lose your way. It’s best to know the areas you want to focus on before starting.


Budget Supplies


Once the hammers start swinging, it’s too late to consider a mallet. Think about not only the tools, materials, and products you’ll need to bring your perfect kitchen to life, but the utilities you’ll actually use once you’ve wrapped renovations up. Sinks need not only functional knobs and faucets, but ample counter space surrounding and stylish backsplash behind. By planning for a kitchen you and your family will actually live in, you’ll remind yourself of vital components you may have otherwise missed – and you’ll be more motivated to see it through to the end.


Plan a Schedule


You can budget time in much the same way you budget materials and money. Give yourself some wiggle room – unprecedented events can and will happen – and avoid falling behind by setting realistic, reachable deadlines every step of the way. Some renovation tasks take longer than others. Cosmetic tweaks like switching out types of flooring are less complex than specialized installations like an appliance replacement. Which brings us to our final tip…


Manage your Tasks


KitchenNo one ever became a master contractor overnight. There’s no shame in asking for help, no matter how simple the job might seem. Doing it yourself may seem like a more efficient idea than outsourcing to a contractor, but if you’re feeling stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts. This is where your sketches and checklists will come in handy again; if you have to hand anything off to a contractor, pictures can speak louder than words.

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