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2021 Home Renovation Trends


As we head into 2022, homeowners across London are making a lot of changes around the house. Now more than ever, people want comfort, refreshed aesthetics, and rooms that meet their lifestyles. What were the main themes from the past year? Here are five of the biggest home renovation trends we’ve seen in 2021!

Kitchens With Flow


The kitchen is consistently the most common room for homeowners looking to renovate. It’s no secret why – the kitchen is a central hub, the command center for your three square meals, and a place for family and friends to kick back and enjoy food and drinks. It’s also where many of us spent our time stuck indoors; think back to all those loaves of sourdough and banana bread. 

In 2021, homeowners wanted kitchens with a consistent flow through the room – meaning no more dead-ends. This way, there’s more space on which to do prep work without feeling confined. One way to achieve this was installing large kitchen islands that could handle all the chopping, mincing, dicing, and other tasks that go into making meals. That included working on your sourdough!


Home Office Heaven


Other than the kitchen, 2021 was the year of the home office. In the past year, working from home stopped being a temporary fix and started being real, and more people renovated their home office spaces to meet their needs. When it started, many workers had to make do with an underused space somewhere in the house – basements, guest bedrooms, and any nook around the home became an office. 

These places had to become more than an outlet and a chair as offices stayed closed. Desks, bookshelves, improved lighting, new paint, and better flooring all turned unused rooms into the Zoom backgrounds dreams are made of!


Turning The Bathroom Into A Private Sanctuary


People spent more time in their bathrooms in 2021, which explains why more of them wanted the room to be a bit more comfortable. Suddenly, the bathroom became a private space away from their children (we all need a break now and then!), and people needed a space that provided relaxation while the world around them became more stressful.

Not content to do one or two spots, many people are replacing the cabinetry or vanity, countertops, and toilets. They brought in freestanding soaking tubs, carved out space for rain showers, and added the height of luxury to their bathrooms: bidets. It’s no longer a bathroom – it’s a getaway!


Adding New – And Natural – Light


One effect of constant Zoom meetings is that people became aware that the lighting in their home could use some work. In 2021, ceiling lights became the focus of rooms rather than another function. Homeowners turned to cleverly and carefully crafted ceiling lights to transform their rooms, some of which didn’t have central lighting at all!

Beyond installing new or additional lighting, the trend also saw homeowners bring in new windows and skylights. Spending more time indoors, consumers wanted more natural light to liven up spaces, even during the dark London winters.


Remaking The Backyard


You’ve probably detected a theme to all our 2021 trends. The key to making these renovations work in the long run is to do them well and do them in a way you know you’ll always enjoy your new surroundings. It’s one reason why homeowners are making many changes to the backyard!

Homeowners now want their outside spaces to be as grand – and as useful – as their interiors. That can mean adding a new patio, water features, and outdoor smokers and fire pits. They also want something unique – the fire pits and smokers at your local hardware store don’t cut it for every backyard! 

If you’re in the London area and have a design idea or special request – whether it’s for your new home office or the wood-fired smoker of your dreams – make sure you contact the team at Top Shelf Renos!


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